Harold C.

SF Sprints 2015
  • SF Sprints 2015
  • SF Sprints 2015

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Experience With Bicycles: 

I'm from a town called Mira Mesa in San Diego, and you need a car to get anywhere. I've always owned a bike but didn't really start riding seriously until I sold my truck and moved to SF in 2009. There's a lot of rad Macaframa/MASH videos that I would want to emulate, kind of like when I got into skateboarding in middle school.

Why Do You Ride?: 

I'm in front of a computer more than half of the day. It's a nice escape from my normal routine, a great way to check out nature. There's also a real sense of accomplishment when you reach the top of a soul-sucking climb and pat yourself on the back for what you just put your body through. I want to race, but I need to get in shape first. Besides all that, I'm just trying not to be lazy, so I try to ride everywhere I need to go and avoid using on-demand services when I can.

Dream Bikes: 

I'm biased so, EVERYTHING LOW//.

But also:

  1. This Stoemper Taylor
  2. Christina Peck's All-City Thunderdome prototype