Peter Chicken Rabbit aka ClickDark

Pedal faster!

Experience With Bicycles: 

I rode BMX as a youth, starting around the age of 8 or 9, though I didn't have many opportunities to compete. Luckily, I grew up a farm boy, with an endless supply of dirt, so in lieu of sanctioned racing, I learned to get rad on a small track near my house, building table tops, step_ups and a roller section, dug out of a field with shovels and rakes. 

I spent a short time riding a proper road bike in my teens, on a hand-me-down Schwinn Traveler, but as soon as driving was an option, my bikes got mothballed in the shed. Fast forward 15 years, living in the bay, hyped on the release of MASH, I resurrected my old Schwinn, stripping the derailleurs and brakes and fitting it with a fixed gear rear wheel. Soon after that, I purchased my first of many track bikes.

Lately, the CX bug has taken hold. I still commute on a trackie, but I can't get enough of riding trails. Mashing in the dirt takes me back, reminiscent of when I first fell in love with bicycles.

Why Do You Ride?: 

Riding a bicycle is the best way to get around the city. I love being in the shit, part of the ever changing, always exciting beast that is sf traffic.

Dream Bikes: 

My stable might never be complete. N+1 dictates that there will always be another two wheeler to add. If money was not a concern, I'd upgrade my fleet to titanium. Until then, I'm focused on getting a sweet roadie. I've got my eye on that new LOW// road frame.